Laundry Detergent (Unscented)

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**PLEASE NOTE: This item was intended for you to refill your own container at local Pop-Up shops. However, due to Covid-19 (and the safety of having other people’s containers entering my home) this will be sold in sanitized mason jars in 1/2 cup (250ml / 8.5 oz) increments. For example, if you purchase 1, you are getting 250 ml of this product in a mason jar. If you purchase 2 you are getting 500ml of this product in a mason jar, etc. 

LOCAL ORDERS ONLY. At this present time we cannot ship this item. 

This eco friendly laundry detergent is inspired by the 'old-fashioned' detergent recipes. It is completely natural and phosphate free: made from vegan 'fatty' soap, washing soda and borax.