Reusable Kitchen Scrubbies Set

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It's time to ditch the disposable kitchen sponge and scrubby! These super sweet scrubbies made right here at Bare HQ can be tossed in the laundry every few days and freshened up again for all your kitchen messes. Scrub your pots and pans with ease because one side of these scrubbies is made with burlap. It's durable and slightly abrasive, making it perfect for scrubbing. Just want to clean dishes without the need to scrub? The other side of the scrubby has 100% patterned cotton that also looks super cute. 

Each set has 2 scrubbies that measure approximately 5X4" Each set has two different patterned cotton fronts, as shown in photo.

Our kitchen scrubbies are also compostable- each layer can be cut into tiny pieces and placed in your compost bin when the scrubbies have reached the end of the life span.

Layers: burlap, flannel, burlap & 100% cotton (Yes, that's two layers of burlap- this keeps them nice and strong plus makes them look better when they come from the dryer)

**These fit perfectly into an envelope for lettermail shipping! Please note that Bare is not responsible for lettermail shipping once it has reached the post office as there is no insurance or tracking.