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Refill ōTH’s signature amber dropper bottle with our Tooth Powder refill packs. 

100% compostable* Kraft bags with a corn based (PLA) liner, heat sealed
Recycled paper info tag is fixed with a paper tape for a non-plastic finish
[Your ingredient tag will double as your funnel - just follow the provided instructions.]
*compostable in your municipal pick-up/green-bin program

ōTH’s unique formula imparts a minty note to leave your mouth refreshed and a salty note to help combat those bad breath, plaque causing bacteria.


Baking soda, himalayan pink salt, calcium carbonate, bentonite clay, diatomaceous earth, ceylon cinnamon*, myrrh powder, peppermint essential oil*.
[All ingredients are food grade]

*certified organic

There are no sweeteners in our Tooth Powder. It may take a few days of use to adapt to the new taste.

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